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introWelcome to mod_lims. This is a community for people who run and enter the various LIMS icon contests.
"LIMS", what is that?
It’s a type of icon contest that started @ disney_hush and was modified by the owners of ultimate_lims. 'The premise: a weekly competition & elimination to find out who is the 'ultimate icon-maker'! ' "LIMS" stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. Think of it as Survivor on LiveJournal between icon makers.

posting guidelinesAdvertising your community
• Only 'round based' communities are allowed (LIMS as well as rumbles, 20in20 and other mutations). If in doubt, feel free to message jillrenay or sidhex3 for clarification.
• If you would like your community added to our Master List, please check out this post.
• If you are running a LIMS within your weekly challenge or other graphics community, you may promote it here. We will not, however, add it to the Master List.
• Please limit sign-up advertising to 1 promo per week per comm. You want people to know about your comm...but there is such thing as over advertising. Too frequent sign up advertising ends up annoying the membership, and we really don't want that. ;)
• Have a graphic....by all means, add it to your post, but if it's over 400px wide, it must be under a cut. On the other end of things, do make sure it's big enough to read any text you have on it.
• Please use only default text colours so everyone can read what you're writing regardless of what layout they're viewing it in.
Can I post a request for voting help?
Absolutely! Please be sure to include a direct link to your voting post as well as the community name. Requests for votes are not limited.
What other things do the moderators of a lims community post here?
Anything you can think of as long as it has to do with running your community. Need advice on dealing with a rule breaker? Helpful hints on promoting? A participant has repeatedly posting their entry before voting is over, what should I do? Check out the linked discussion topics below.
What do other people post here?
If you have a question or concern about something post it here. If it’s a complaint be sure to post it tactfully. We spend a lot of time running these communities and we don’t like to be bitched at about them. Also keep in mind that if you are talking about a specific LIMS community, chances are that the mod of that community is a member here.

discussions#1 - Should Mods be able to participate in their own LIMS?
#2 - Extending Challenges
Should icon text influence your vote?
LIMS voting - for mods
LIMS voting - for participants

helpful hints#1 - Promoting your LIMS
STRONGLY SUGGESTED: Add BOTH "LAST ICON MAKER STANDING" and "LIMS" to your community's interests

other burning questionsI want to create a lims community. What do I do?
That's great! You'll need free time and a high tolerance for frustration =D You should also know some HTML. Also, taking a look at how other LIMS Communities are run is a good idea. If you want to get some tips from the mods of the LIMS Communities, contact them directly.
I'm not a mod of an LIMS Community. I just want to know which ones are having sign-ups.
You can find our Master List here. Additionally, check the comm for LIMS currently taking sign ups.

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